BlackCoffee Imprint FaceMask - white

R 140.00

Face Masks made from three layers of cotton with a flexible wire to mould across the bridge of your nose. By Black Coffee.

Available either with Ear Elastics, or with a toggle and Adjustable Elastics that fit around the head. Make sure you choose the correct one from the dropdown menu.

There are no two identical Imprint FaceMasks. They are cut from a printed fabric designed for Imprint, Black Coffee's Summer 2013 collection. Each one is unique and may not resemble the photograph completely. 


These masks are not medical masks and will not prevent any viral infection. Their purpose is to prevent you from touching your face and from spreading any illness that you may have. It is advisable to wash your mask before using it for the first time. Thereafter it should be washed after every use. Machine wash at 60° and iron after every use. Please follow the guidelines regarding cloth mask usage on the SA Government's COVID-19 portal.

Size Guide.

No returns or refunds on any Face Masks. 

E-mail us for overseas shipping rates. 

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