Iconic Eyeconic

December 05 2013, 2 Comments

Like any big city, the Johannesburg skyline has its definitive landmarks. But unlike any other metropolis, you can't visit or pose directly under these icons because access isn't allowed. 

The Hillbrow and Brixton Towers stand proud in Johannesburg, beaming out the identity and badge of the city. They provide a backdrop to our story. Shrouded with mystery, they suggest a hint of deceit and the forbidden, once close, now faraway; a con of the eye.

Love Jozi's 16th t-shirt range focuses on these elusive monuments, going closer to reveal what was once concealed, touching the abstract, rendering emblems. The designs not only attack, but revamp the established and stereotypical representation of Johannesburg’s industrial shrines, going where others dare not go, bringing the untouchable nearer to the t-shirt wearer.

Love Jozi collaborated with photojournalist and visual artist Dean Hutton to shoot this range.