Whether you need 500 Keyracks as event gifts or 25 personalised Photo Frames for staff awards or 250 ToteBags for conference delegates, we can eagerly assist!

All our products are available for brand collaboration. We integrate your identity in stylish ways using your brand guidelines. 

We also do high-end customised gifting, on brief, for CEOs, celebrities, board members, etc. Through this process we have often developed new products in collaboration with clients, which is another reason why we love doing this kind of work.

Below are some examples that we have produced over the past 15 years. We’d love yours to be included! 

Make contact if you would like to see recent case studies, and get a bulk order tiered price list. Or just to get the ball rolling. 


Some examples of Love Jozi products customised for other brands. We’d love yours to be included! Make contact if you would like to see a full catalogue, or get a bulk order price list. Or just to get the ball rolling.