Love Jozi is a design company from Johannesburg, South Africa. Formed in 2005 as a t-shirt supplier, our offering now extends into a select product range.

Johannesburg and its exciting regeneration is our muse. Over the past decade we have designed a collection of graphics inspired by the city and we sell them on the best quality t-shirts and other products – all manufactured locally.

We find design inspiration from the optimism around Johannesburg as the city transforms herself. Johannesburg is an African city that is both gritty and slick at the same time, and we use simple graphics to reflect that.

Love Jozi appeals to design conscious locals, as well as tourists who want an object that will remind them of their visit to South Africa without it being too garish. Our designs are mostly subtle -  featuring elements of the city like street maps, barbed wire and architectural silhouettes. These are translated into icons, patterns and textures – and the end product is as unique as the city that inspired it.

The best way to learn everything you need to know about Love Jozi (and Johannesburg too for that matter) is by reading our book, I Love You I Hate You

Made in Joburg, China!