Floating Trophy Augmented Reality T-Shirt

R 320.00 R 490.00


The graphic on this t-shirt turns into an Augmented Reality gold trophy – a floating trophy for someone (or yourself) who deserves an award for surviving Joburg! The effect can be seen through a filter on the Facebook mobile app. Scan the QR code on the t-shirt packaging when you receive it, and your phone will do the rest.


A few years ago we found a vintage statuette resembling the Brixton Tower at a market in Johannesburg. It inspired an idea – if there was going to be a trophy for surviving Joburg, it would look just like this. The found object was an extremely lucky and rare find. One-off, made of brass, weighs a ton. Too special to part with. We kept it for ourselves and rather developed an Augmented Reality solution to share the trophy.

Unisex Crew Neck T-Shirt. Hand silkscreened in 1 colour. Cut from 160gsm 100% combed cotton fabric. Designed and manufactured in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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